Technical Sites Of PUF Panels Or Structural Insulated Panel

PUF panel or structural insulated panels are a composition of building materials. It consists of stiff and unbending layer of polymer foam which stayed between two layers of structural board. This board can be of any material like wood, metal, cement. Hence SIP or structural insulated panel are made of oriented standard board panel sandwiched around a foam core made by expanded polystyrene or extruded polystyrene.

It has intended to be a largely used material alternative of regular construction material. This is engineered plank which presents architectural framing, exterior sheathing as well as insulation in a sturdy one piece component. The principle of this design is its simplicity and delivers numerous advantages to the roof and the construction. The first and foremost advantage is the insulation. It is proved that SIP offered better air tightness and efficient thermal performance while compared to the regular wall structures. It delivers a thick and heavy air barricade with few thermal bridges which reduces the possibility of heat transfer. Easy installation is another quality of SIP. The ease and the pace of the installation have made it popular in construction industry as it completes within two days instead of a long period. While installing it does require the traditional framing work skill as it only need basic knowledge of woodworking.


Principle benefits of PUF panels are:

Fast close-in time:
The key advantage is in this tight economy age it has dramatically cut down the time of installation. It takes minimum time to assemble walls, roof and floor sections at one time. There is no need of separate framing, insulation or sheathing work on site.

Strong and consistent:
SIPs have high strength and are self sufficient which makes it able to be used in anywhere like walls, roof and floor system. Also it has been used with ease in the taller or multi-storied buildings. In wall it can bear up loads of individuals and offer great strength. This makes it capable to be used in exterior walls as well as shear walls to resist earthquake and high winds. This light weight and compact construction material can withstand massive force of wind, hail, snowfall and heavy rainfall.

Energy saving:
It provides exceptional energy efficiency comparing to the other regular methods. It reduces temperature 4 to 5 degrees than the actual. This improved insulation helps to reduce the energy use and bill as well as cut down HVAC system requirements. PUF panels are manufactured and fabricated using CFC free material. As you know CFC causes fatal and devastating effects to ozone layer and now it is mandatory to make CFC emission lower. This is one of the devastating pollutants to cause harm to entire environment and to rotten the root of future generation. This quality is achieved by polyethylene foam prepared under severe pressure. One of the greatest advantages is that the materials are 100% recyclable offering great impact over environment.

You will notice noise decrease from outside and SIP is the greatest way to reduce noise pollution. Vertical panels are able to resist constant wind up to 200 miles per hour that makes it the popular choice for the people who lives in the tornado or hurricane prone areas. The thermal performance, durability, longevity and of these insulating technologies are allowed for both vertical and horizontal weight bearing heavy loads. Compared to conventional construction system it required only 40% as installation charge.

Density: 40kg/ cm³
Thickness:50mm to 150mm
Compressive strength:2.2 kg/ cm³
Adhesion strength:4kg/ cm²
Tensile strength:4.14kg/ cm²
Bending strength:4.54kg/ cm²
Water absorption:0.2% at 100% RH
Vapor permeability:180°C to +140°C