Swimming Pool Cover

A swimming pool is the source of rejoice which is simply a container filled with water intended for swimming and other water based recreation. Sometimes it is the pride for home owners but at a same time it is a burden to keep it clean and clear and ready to use any time. When the question is about to maintain the pool it just not ended up with the cleaning and changing water. This is much more than it especially when it is located at the outdoor. So what is the solution to help you out? Simply an enclosure can cover up a wide area to make the pool protected. Let’s discuss how it is done.

Advantages of a swimming pool cover:

1. Water can appear green with excessive usage of copper compounds and chemical disinfectants like chlorine, bromine and ozone. It is used to sanitize the water, but with a pool usage of chemicals can be reduced as it protects the water and visibly reduces chemical utilization. It is proved that a cover can cut down 60% of chemical in water.

2. It is the most efficient way out to reflect heat and harsh rays. It actually keeps the surface cool and allows the owners to use it even in day time providing shade against rising temperature and sot wind. You can say it a thermal roadblock for preventing the absorption 50% of sun’s energy.

3. The water must keep low level of bacteria and viruses to prevent the spread of diseases. Bacteria, algae and insect larvae will enter if it is not properly protected. Pumps, disinfectants are often used to sanitize. But it is better to get protected with a cover and secure zero possibilities of bacterial infections in water. Stopping the photosynthesis of algae and other aquatic eukaryotic organisms can reduce the possibilities of slippery surface, filter blockage along with improving the impression of water.

4. Eliminating water evaporation by 98% it is a great way to save water.

5. Contamination of debris such as bird droppings, leaves, and insects are visibly reduced as these are the feeds of bacteria, not only that these are enough to pollute the water.

6. A pool cover ensured great return on investment because it is cost saving. It itself requires low maintenance cost and accordingly the water too requires low maintenance.

Types of swimming pool cover:

Winter cover: This is one of the main three options of covers; it can be used all over the years but especially in winters it can be used. Besides protecting from water evaporation up to 90% this cover protects the roof from leaves and branches that can cause damage filtration systems. Mostly winter covers are made with a mesh like materials to keep everything out.

Safety cover: Principal objective of this cover is to protect children and animals from accidentally falling or drowning into the pool. Made from strong material covers are often found in netted or interlocked fabric materials to often support huge amounts of weight. This cover is visually individual from other covers because it is tightly fixed to anchors on the side of the pool to prevent someone from sliding underneath it and into the pool.

Solar cover: Solar covers have an outstanding quality to retain heat though it prevents evaporation. Basically solar covers trap sun ray and transfer this energy in order to heat pool water. Available almost s in all shapes and sizes and can be fit above ground pools or in ground pools.

Classification and their benefits:


• You can expect an increased lifespan up to 25% for harsh and coarse pool environment it is perfect
• Saves money, time as well as reduces the carbon footprint of your pool wide range of colors is available

Energy guard:

• Applicable for both of indoor and outdoor areas
• Extra ordinary thermal insulation
• Get rid of pool water loss because of evaporation
• Can be used all year
• Filtration time can be reduced by up to 55%

Cool guard:

• Reduces water temperature
• Stops algae growth
• Lows chemical consumption
• Stops water evaporation

Automated pool covers are also available as per customer requirement. It can be operated manually, automatically or semi automatically. It is tailored to meet the exact needs of customers and the principle benefit is that you can remove it when needed. A control option is available and you can secure your peace of mind that nothing can enter between your pool walls. It can be rolled or unrolled through a remote control or a push button and fitted into tracks along the sides of the pool.
Install a pool cover according to your needs to meet your requirement. We are always at your service to provide the best.
Swimming pool covers benefited in various ways. To reduce heat in the pool, keep clean from leaves, dirt and other debris. A safety swimming pool cover is made from polycarbonate and aluminum profiles. You can be relaxed without worry about your children and pets. Save the precious lives of your family members and others. Avoid the chances entering of small insects or snakes in the pool by covering it. You can simply stop the wastage of water by not letting the pool become dirty due to leaves, dust, small insects and other foreign particles. In the hot sunny days the cover will keep your pool cool and will help to prevent from harmful UV radiation. Your skin will be benefited. Usually chemicals are being used to keep the water clean; chemical using can be minimized by using pool cover or enclose. The manufacturer of swimming pool cover in Kolkata is offering a wide variety across India. There is a new concept of relaxing in your own covered pool with privacy through the season.
Pool cover /enclose verity are:
High pool cover/enclosure, Medium pool cover/enclosure, Low pool cover/enclosure, all of made from polycarbonate and aluminum profiles. Solar blanket helps to keep in the heat at night and warm the pool during the day.