G.I. Colour Shade

Bare metal like iron oxidizes easily and it gets rust. Rust is a composition of iron oxide. It is the reaction of iron with oxygen in presence of water or air moisture. Basically rust consists of hydrated iron oxide Fe₂O₃•nH₂O and iron oxide hydroxide FeO(OH)•Fe(OH)₃. With sufficient time iron in open air and air moisture iron mass will get disintegrated and will convert into rust. If iron is hit by the water and the air moisture almost immediately two things started to happen. Firstly water; a good electrolyte forms weak carbonic acid with carbon dioxide. It started to dissolve iron and breaks it into principal components. Iron oxide or rust is flaky, less magnetic than iron, breakable and can make holes in metal sheets. If bare iron gets exposed in salt water, oxygen, like sea water, salt spray it rusts more quickly.

There is simply ways to protect rust and to enhance longevity to apply coating on it. To protect the ferrous item from rust there are several processes including galvanization. This is a general term that is used to use for galvanizing current or to coat metal. This is intended to use anywhere especially in large span of areas having a great life of more than 20 years. Galvanized steel sheets are easier to work with as it is easy to drill, weld and to apply. Bare iron or steel is coated by the zinc in an amount of 0.90 ounces on per square feet. Metal undergoes of a hot and melted zinc of a temperature of 460°C and it can tolerate a high temperature up to 200°C.

Advantages of color coated galvanized sheet:
1. Galvanization makes ferrous item even stronger and sturdy than before. Hot or cold rolled sheets never get cracked or shrink and offer superior absorption and resistance to water. For long term this is cheapest in terms of cost whilst initial cost is comparatively high. Though it requires low maintenance it lasts ling up to 50 years in rural areas and more than 25 years in urban areas.

2. This is smooth and provides complete protection for weather ill effects, toughest coating offers outstanding damage protection and easier transport, erection and service.

3. Galvanized sheets are green and 70% recyclable. This causes no harm to environment as it has creates zero pollution.

Another one is galvalume. It has a compound coating over it with a certain percentage of zinc, aluminum and silicon. Coating comprises of 55% of aluminum, 43.5% of zinc and 1.6% of silicon. Compared to galvanized sheets this is lighter in weight. Featuring both properties of zinc and aluminum this weights 100 pounds for per square feet. Zinc and aluminum alloy coated are applied through a continuous hot dip process that makes it fully corrosion resistance.

Advantages of color coated galvalume sheet:
1. This color coated galvalume sheet can cool your home in hot summer preventing 40% of heat and decreases temperature up to 12 degrees.
2. Bare metal roofing can only reflect solar radiation. But painted or coated roofing system not only reflects solar radiation but emits 90% of radiation what is absorbed.
3. Galvalume is available both pre-coated pr bared versions. Bare galvalume contains of 35% recyclable properties where as pre coated is green and 100% recyclable if removed for building renovation and run more than 30 years.

G.I. colour shades manufacturer in Kolkata offering colour Coated Corrugated sheet for roofing and Cladding. A wide range of Galvanized Iron coated roofing Sheets are available mainly for Industrial roofing, cladding, farm houses, airport hangers factory sheds and warehouses. The products are customized in specifications and sizes as per the requirements of the client. Material specifications are as follows: Galvanized Iron coated Sheets. Colours : as per RAL Colour Chart. Company offering G.I. ceiling which are available in highly competitive prices. These are made of hot dip galvanized iron sheets and can be also customized sizes and shapes. Wide range of G.I. Ceiling are made of high grade metals and highly demanded in market due to quality maintenance. Galvanizes partition section is offering floor partitions in high quality raw material along with advanced technology. G.I. Ceilings are made of high grade metals and are manufactured as per industrial purpose serving, the client‘s requirement keeping in mind. Size and thickness is strictly rectified. G.I. Pop frame has three different parts: Galvanized pop Patti, Galvanized pop bottom and galvanized angle. These are manufactured by maintaining industrial standard quality. An advanced technology and sophisticated machines are using in the production system which ensure the quality and long lasting function of the products. The product can be customized in size and specifications for client satisfaction.