Rooftop Garden

If you want to get fresh vegetables, flowers and fresh air, build a garden on your roof. Roof gardens are most often found in urban areas. Plants have the ability to reduce the overall heat and pollution by producing Oxygen. So garden in your roof will help absorb the heat of the building. This will automatically reduce energy consumption. Simple roof top garden generally consist of plants growing up in pots and tubs. But if you want to improve your air quality of your environment, plantation is grown up on your roof. That will transform the entire roof into a green garden. Now you required a shade or overhang on your garden to protect the precious plants from the extreme heat and harmful UV ray. Rain will not stop as it will provide shelter from extra water also. Even you can grow up your green house on your roof under a polycarbonate shade also. Light weight MS or Aluminum framed polycarbonate shade is perfect for a roof top garden. Tensile or tension structure with vertical blinds or only vertical awnings can be installed for roof top garden shade. These are made of MS steel and fabrics. A manufacturer of roof top garden shade in Kolkata is installing contemporary and cost effective customized product for your saticefaction.