Do you want to go for a change? You can spend your holidays or weekends in a luxurious resort or hotel by a sea side or into a forest. You can enjoy with quality food, orchestra, swimming and many other facilities in a luxurious resort or hotel. Blinds are very essential device for resorts to keep privacy. A resort can be decorated by fixing door and window awnings or canopies. The walkway can be covered with walkway canopies. In the lawn you can enjoy your evening parties under Marquee tents, Fiesta tents or Resort tents. Marquee tent is a stretched over portable shelter which is made of canvas with a support of pole frame and ropes. Heavy duty marquee tent are been used for commercial purpose also. Fiesta tent is a perfect solution for parties and commercial gathering. It has an attractive look, easy to maintain, and provides an elegant clear open area. By making partitions room facilities can be increased. Resort tents can be installed under any condition in resorts and beaches. This luxury and weather conditioned accommodation is available in colourful design. Tensile fabric structure is also a very effective and suitable shade solution for a permanent shade. Ms Steel and fabrics are the used media. For the parking lot solid Polycarbonate sheets along with Ms Steel framed shade can be used. It will protect colour of the cars from UV rays and help to keep cool inside temperature of the car. A manufacturer of Resort shades in Kolkata is offering all the products in proper way and maintaining quality installation.