Rooftop Restaurant

The Rooftop restaurant offers a casual dining arrangement with a twist or a full service seating area on the Rooftop. It is a perfect way to wish a birthday to a loved one, to thank colleagues for their achievements or simply for a treat. You can enjoy a casual and fine dining on a rooftop restaurant. It is a space saving and glamorous idea. The dining arrangement should be under a shade for comfort. Depending on your choice and budget you can install permanent or temporary shades on the roof. A rooftop shade serves you from different aspects and that is why for aesthetic and aristocrat fragrance a rooftop shade is that choice where you can make yourself feel being in open sun though free from tanning.

Transparent, look through but rain and UV ray proof. Sheets are available in different colours. Multiwall, translucent but provide sufficient sunlight, protect from UV rays and rain.

For a temporary solution, retractable awnings and canopies, wooden umbrella and hanging umbrella also can be installed on a rooftop restaurant. Hanging umbrella gives an uninterrupted space benefit just below the umbrella. These items are made of MS steel, fabrics, solid woods etc. A manufacturer of Rooftop restaurant shade in Kolkata is offering Varity in products and colours.

Seasons continues to change. As your restaurant is on open roof you need to take care of it better. System will not be the same in every season, while open roof is perfect in winter it can be horrible in summer. That is why there is an easy solution for open roof restaurants.

Benefits you will get from roofing solution in different seasons:
1. In summer what do you want to do with your open roof restaurant? There is two options either you will suffer with zero customer as no one wants to intake on open sun. The second one is you may go for a roofing solution that will allow your customers to sit in a comfy surroundings enjoying their meal.
2. In monsoon when it is tough to enjoy outside your covered rooftop restaurant can be a very good choice for hangout. Only you need a portable solution to cover your roof.
3. Utilize your roof to the highest extent and none other than a rooftop restaurant is perfect for that purpose. Whereas in summer and monsoon it needs to be covered in winter it should be open. That is why you need a portable solution which is light weight too.
4. PUF panel made contemporary and temporary solution is just appropriate for this purpose. PUF panel is actually structural insulated panels comes with great insulation and it installs faster.
5. Because of the great construction method staying inside of a puf panel made building is extremely comfortable as this is provides outstanding protection in any weather condition.
6. Costing is almost the same with wooden construction but when it comes to saving energy this is proven that SIP is much better than the conventional one. As this protects from maximum heat and ultraviolet rays thus it is proved to be an energy saving cost effective solution.
7. Apart from weather protection this is durable, long lasting and would run more than 30 years without any hassle.

Some more specifications and solutions:

In summer you can use a portable shade in summer. Be it an awning, umbrella, canopy or even a puf panel made structure. May be in winter it is not necessary to cover the entire roof and then you can opt for umbrella or awning or canopy shade. Portable shades are reflective of heat and ultra violet rays. Fabric is attached with a metal structure tightly and material of fabric can be cotton, polyester woven etc. Umbrella studded open roof restaurant looks outstanding. Shade fabric protects heat of maximum quantity (apx.80%) and as well preventing ultra violet rays, keeps the area beneath cool and comfortable. Not only that this is green and eco friendly too. If you want to cover the total roof then go for a temporary roofing solution that is puf panel made. PUF panel is actually a composition of building materials, consists of stiff and rigid polymer foam sandwiched between structural boards like OSB. Especially in summer and monsoon roof needs to be covered. PUF panel is the latest technology invention which is actually made for temporary and portable structural solution.

In monsoon and summer roof needs much care and attention. Water and heat both are extremely harmful and for an open roof restaurant it is needed. Basic characteristics are it installs fast and takes a very little time of 3 to 4 weeks than a conventional building. SIPs have high strength and are self sufficient which makes it able to be used in anywhere like walls, roof and floor system. It provides exceptional energy efficiency comparing to the other regular methods. It reduces temperature 4 to 5 degrees than the actual. Vertical panels are able to resist constant wind up to 200 miles per hour that makes it the popular choice for the people who lives in the tornado or hurricane prone areas. PUF panels are manufactured and fabricated using CFC free material. As you know CFC causes fatal and devastating effects to ozone layer and now it is mandatory to make CFC emission lower.