False Ceiling

The false ceiling is actually a secondary ceiling that hangs bellow the underside of the main ceiling to increase the interior beauty of the room. So architectures and designers are offering various options to furnish your apartment, offices, clinics, hotels, resort, theatres, institutes, malls etc. Nowadays false ceiling demand is increasing in a tremendous way. In the segment of false ceiling the common Medias are Acoustic Mineral Fiber ceiling, PVC Gypsum Laminated Tiles, T-Grid Section/Frame, and false ceiling Hardware and Accessories, Home Furnishing etc. Among these medias Gypsum board is the most updated and contemporary. It is lightweight, flexible and fire- and moisture-resistant. Tough and economical gypsum board panel is a fast replacing other ceiling material.

False ceiling advantages:
> False ceiling has an unavoidable importance to increase the interior beauty of the room.
> It helps to reduce the room temperature and gives less power consumptions due to its concealing fact.
> It is necessary for making lighting arrangement and enlightens the room in different levels.
> It is very useful for the faults in plastering.
> False ceiling is used to increase the acoustics of the home theatre room.
> False ceiling panels are easier to remove for repairing of air-condition, plumbing system, electrical and wiring accessories.
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