On Water

A perfect choice can give you the correct solution. If you want to cover your personal or commercial used boats you will have to go for designer shades. Architectural Top offers shade and shelter from the sun and elements. Boat shades will not only make you more comfortable, but also protect your valuable investment. The optical grade, see-thru mesh blocks up to 90% of the sun's heat and damaging UV rays. This will save your interior instruments or decoration, carpet and curtains from the sun's damaging rays and rain. Solar shades are very effective for sun protection. It is made of a transparent material that filters the light. Custom manufactured solar shades are offering your perfect specification. They are available in different densities and colours. They are maintaining the proper view of outside from the inside of the boat as well as controlling the amount heat, glare and fade protection. Solar shades are manufacturing by colored fabrics, vinyl coated fiberglass or vinyl coated polyester yarns. It saves energy cost both in the summer and winter. Blinds can also be used to keep the privacy and control sun glare and heat. If you just want a overhang for your boat, you can go for designed awnings fabrication and canopies. Shapes, designs and colours will be provided as per your choice and specification. Vertical awnings fabrication also provides an optional side cover as per needs. This type of MS Steel framed awnings fabrication can give a special look and benefit for you boat. If you want to make a house boat with shades, go for different types of canopies. Fixed and drop arm canopies will decorate your house boat special and protect the interior decoration and furniture from sun glare, heat and UV ray. Power consumption can be reduced. All types of effective and inexpensive shades and blinds are available in a Kolkata by a responsible manufacturer and installer.