A.C.P Cladding

Aluminum composite panel or ACP is a type of flat panel that consists of two thin cores of aluminum and non aluminum sheets bonded together. Known as sandwich panel too is painted with PVDF(35 micron) or polyester paint or fluoropolymer resin or FEVE. Whether it is metallic or non metallic color it can be painted with. Basically core is made with low dense polyethelene or mineral material to exhibit fire resistance qualities. It is less than 10mm thick for refrigerator insulation. Using quality raw materials ACP claddings are well known for the wide range of design offered with lucrative look across the world. Supreme combination of latest advanced technology and high grade craftsmanship these last long rendering high and greatest value of money. Depending on the features like low maintenance, strength, longevity, dimensional accuracy acp claddings are highly demanded by clients. It drives weather ill-effects that are air, water and solar radiation away. Apart from aesthetics and low maintenance it serves to protect the inner wall from all ill effects of weather. It is perfect for beautiful outdoor designs because of the inherent insulation property, eye pleasant appearance, ease to use, natural finish and light weight, these has made it major attraction of modern architecture. Eventually cost of acp claddings depend on thickness, color, design, gauge, type of silica jell and sheets. It can easily cut, bent or drilled to shape up into a complex one.

Dimension of acp cladding:
Thickness: 3 to 4mm
Width: 1220 to 1570mm
Length: customized length can exceed 5000mm
Weight: 5.5 kg/sqm based on 4mm thickness

Width: 1000mm to 1575mm
Warranty: more than 30 years
Panel thickness: Aluminum panel thickness: 0.6mm
Length: depends on requirement
Surface: PVDF or PE coating on topside and mill finish on rear side
Core: low dense and non toxic fire retardant (grade B1) non metal polyethylene

In a wide range of industrial application aluminum composite panels are being used because of light weight and optimum longevity. Light weight is one of the significant qualities of acp as it saves average 40% of weight over steel and 20% of weight over aluminum. Due to the versatility of materials used and great manufacturing process modifies to be formed into curved or flat shape that possess highest weight strength ratio compared to any other material available in market. Formed with two strong materials this isolates noise creating quiet environment, resist corrosion, overall impact is it is durable which results high rate scale. Thicker core outcomes with higher stiffness and strength of the panel. Depending on the panel thickness insulation value can range from 2.5 to 6. Gracefully it lasts for 30 years resisting extreme weather conditions.

Some more benefits:
1. Rather than just to react on fire it is fire resistant. Insulated wall panels not only resist the fire but transfer heat from exposed to unexposed face retaining integrity. Fire retardant power varies on thickness and grade of sheets, 125mm thick panel can resist dire for 15 minutes long.
2. Quantity of smoke because of a dire event can be down with combustible materials and polyethylene core damage smoke and minimize toxic percentage.
3. Cladding panels are 100% recyclable.
4. Easy to clean and maintenance free. After easy installation
5. Chemical and acid resistant

A C P means Aluminum Composite Panel which is mainly used for external and internal architectural cladding or partitions, false ceilings, signage, machine coverings, container construction etc. This type of consists two pieces of aluminum sheets blinded to a nonaluminum core. ACP is a very rigid, long lasting and strong but light material which is painted by a wide range of metallic or non metallic colours. In the case of refrigeration insulation commonly the core used with no less than 10 cm thickness. Nowadays ACP application is not limited to external building cladding only but also it is been used widely within the signage industry as an alternative to heavier, more expensive substrates. It has been also applied as a backing material for mounting fine art photography with an acrylic finish. Advantages of ACP are: light weight, extreme rigidity and durability, weather and UV resistance and easy in forming and processing. High rising glass wall buildings can get a simple but dramatic uninterrupted view by enveloping the entire building with ACP. This system has a eye pleasing natural look and low maintenance cost fact which is ideal for adding a beautiful touch to the external and internal d├ęcor and partitions. It is available in different size and shapes. ACP wall cladding is also a very demanding system in architectural field because it has tremendous resistant fact against ill-effects of air, water, and solar radiation. The product is also been used for curtain wall cladding.

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