Car Parking Shade

Car parking shades are often designed to offer maximum protection to your car possible being aesthetically pleasant to eyes as well as environment. We offer an exotic range of car parking shades which can be easily installed and dismantled by the user. These are on high demand especially across the industrial areas and known for the cutting edge features such as sturdy construction, corrosion resistant and can tolerate various weather condition and change. Basically we construct car parking shades using tensile structures or polycarbonate sheets.

Car parking shades are highly admired due to their management properties and manufactured with high quality fabric that can be availed at a very reasonable price. As per design it is approved by a team of experts ensuring highest possible usage. Check out some of advantages of a car parking shade at a glance:

1. It will encourage people to shop throughout the day without the fear to enter in a hot vehicle. Due to this heat preventing property car parking shades are now a must have to commercial and residential places.

2. Rain water bounces back from it. A perfect car parking shade allows you to load or unload things during wet weather too along with saves your car and accessories from water.

3. Tailor made car shades also protect electronic products like speaker system, a/c attached with car from heat and rain.

4. Hot and deep galvalumed structures resist humidity in salty atmosphere near the sea, protects from rust and corrosion.

Better corrosion resistant, light weight, perfect for harsh and salty environment, and 100% recyclable and green, thicker, prevent 40% of heat, scratch proof, reflects 90% of solar radiation.

5. This is the age of green power. Your shade too cannot stay out of it. Rather than wooden structure install tensile or polycarbonate that is good for nature due to recyclable factor.

6. A revolutionary invention on car parking shade is solar shades. In future might be solar shades can be incorporated as an integral part of shopping malls. One of the greatest advantages of having a solar shade is electricity can be produced as a source of power consumption to run electronic products.

7. Beneath shade it can reduce up to 10- 15 degrees of normal temperature. It combats 99.5% of ultra violet rays and keeps car interior to remain like new. As ozone layer gets thinner than before day by day consumption of increases which is not beneficial for cars.

8. Preventing 80% solar energy it blocks temperature rising inside the car.

9. Prolonged exposure on open sun can visibly fade color, dashboard and other accessories. Also prevents steering to get hot to burn your palms.

10. Unprotected dashboard from sun can make engine hot which burns fuel, you can save up to 3000 rupees per month with a shade.

11. Gloss and shine lasts long with eliminating scopes of cracked windscreen.

12. Tensile made shades allowed bright air and filtered air to enter.

13. Unbreakable and thermo formable Polycarbonate sheet made shades are bulletproof and less likely to collapse in areas prone to golf balls, ice, sound snow fall, animals and birds.

Car parking shades are available in good and various options with different specifications:

1. Single pole umbrella shaped
2. Wave design
3. Cone shaped
4. Pyramid shaped

This is a significant and ethical investment for good return as everyone seems to accept solar power along with an aesthetically pleasant shade will increase your property value. Supporting 3d model designs are available with wide range of fabrics like PVC, cotton canvas, tensile and polycarbonate sheets which are both heat and water resistant.

No one will like to get into a hot car. Park the car under a proper cool, safe shade and reduce the interior temperature of the car. Not only that, it decreases the amount of fuel lost to evaporation and requires less air-conditioning. Car contents and colour will be less damaged due to extreme heat affect. A leading manufacturer of car parking shades in Kolkata offering a wide range of shades:

Car parking shades of high-density polyethylene netting cloth.
Car park shades of PVC and PVDF covers.
Car parking shades of wooden plastic braids slides.
Car park shades of louvers of wooden plastic slides.

Parking shade canopies, commercial carports, corporate parking shade structures, covered parking structures, car shelters, & other vehicle parking shelters of tensioned fabric are also available. These fabulous shades are usually installed at corporate yards, office buildings, automotive dealerships, hospitals, airports, stadiums, industrial parks, shopping centers, and apartment complexes.

Architectural and engineering based design and raw materials are easily customized as follows:
Twisted sail shade:
A large expanse cover for hundred of vehicles at a time made of tension fabrics. Round top and flat shades covering short to long lengths of parking lot, made of vinyl fabric or commercial grade shade cloths.