Fabric Shade

People and children need protection from the harmful UV Rays of sun which can be causes to cancer. By thinking a wide thought the manufacturer of Fabric shades in Kolkata providing a wide range of fabric shades in different kinds. Outdoor fabric shade covers, sun shade structures, canopies, tents, commercial umbrellas and shade shelters are perfect for playgrounds, pools, schools, and other outdoor spaces where people are used to gather for work and enjoyment. Fabric shade structures and canopies are more affordable than traditional metal or wood shelters. For the most imaginative architectural shade protection of fabric shades large market umbrellas, and offset shade umbrellas are perfect at a resort, pool, restaurant, dining, and hotels. Solar control shade is the premier solar protection option for your commercial installation or residential project. Eco friendly fabrics, made from recyclable materials helps to protect the environment. Energy conservation fabric shade system is a perfect and stylish way to reduce your heating and cooling costs. The raw materials for making fabric shades are stain resistant yarn fibers and sealed edges. Those are completely washable, fade resistant and long-lasting.