Polycarbonate Shades

Polycarbonate sheets are one of the hottest choices for roofing as it has numerous advantages over other materials. Polycarbonate sheets are used for both of industrial and commercial purposes as this is a very adaptable material. Polycarbonate roofing shades are made with polycarbonate sheets. These are non-toxic, highly durable and stain resistant. It has grown its popularity over years just because of uncountable advantages offered.

Let’s have a look on the advantages of polycarbonate shade:

1. This is thermo formable, virtually unbreakable, can stand massive force and can be bent almost any shape. An enough thick shade is bullet proof too. This quality makes it the choice for police station, bank or any other institutional building.

2. Having a great heat distortion temperature at 264° F which makes it better choice than any other material.

3. It protects ultra violet rays than vertical glazing roofs but allows heat to enter. This quality makes it the choice for overhead construction establishments.

4. Because of the substantial advantages like durability and longevity it is on high demand. It has 200 times strength impact than general glass sheeting.

5. Known for the strength and power to resistant it is the best choice for machine guards and protective screens.

6. Compared to other materials like plastic, glass, acrylic this is very light in weight which results lower cost to transport, lower labor cost and easy installation.

7. It is highly resistant to heat and cold that makes it ideal to use in harsh environment to last really long than any other material.

8. Clear glass like shades are available for green house farming. As you know green house farming requires low amount of heat but enough light which polycarbonate sheets do superbly.

Poly carbonate sheets are available mainly into two specifications such as solid and multiwall. Without any support like structural glass you can easily install it for roofing. This light weight yet strong material shows extreme design flexibility and requires only an occasional washing mild warm water and soap. In different sizes and shapes sheets are available as per customer requirement. Both of internal and external purposes it can be used due to the higher fire rating properties. Because of great looks and numerous advantages it is being used for different applications in both of industrial and domestic purposes.

Top quality high intensity aluminum alloy framed polycarbonate shades are sun panel, solid sheet shade for roof, door canopies etc. It helps to diffuse light to achieve the overall lighting effect desired. These types of shades are particularly useful for commercial buildings for roof cover, car shade, garden shade and door shade. Polycarbonate structures have higher UV-values instead of vertical glazing glass roof. It has increased steadily in popularity over the last several years due its quality thicknesses, resulting in high raw values, and in the majority of the colours. Polycarbonate sheets are available in two types: solid and multiwall. Sheets can be transparent or transeloosent. We are offering polycarbonate shades with imported polycarbonate sheets in a reasonable price. A manufacturer of polycarbonate shades in Kolkata offering their cost effective and customized products for their value added clients.