Fire Exit Stairs for Educational Institutes

Fire Exit Stairs For School And Colleges Are Increasingly Getting Popular
Most residential homes and private properties are looking forward to enhancing the safety level in their properties. One of the major safety threats is fire, which can break out anytime. In order to make sure that there is not much loss to the lives, fire exit stairs for school and colleges are increasingly emphasized. As a result, the school and college authorities in today’s date are looking out for options by means of which they can separately install a stair into their existing buildings. Many of these institutions have already installed these stairs as one of the most effective and convenient safety measures. This is indeed a great idea.

Installation In Other Private Properties:
Apart from the newly constructed buildings, even the old buildings are giving emphasis on preventing the loss of lives in the event of a fire breakout. It is often seen that the victims trapped inside the building are unable to come out because of a lack of proper exit. Thus, the ms stairs in Kolkata have turned out to be a highly popular option in most buildings today. These are highly effective and utilitarian and serve a great purpose. Hence, you can also go for the same.

Varieties Of Options:
Based on the structure of your building fire exit stair manufacturer in Kolkata will offer different options in the designs of the stair. Some of the most common designs in this context include:
* Spiral staircases, * Straight staircases, * Star towers with four supports, * Winding staircases, * Straight staircases with two central supports.
Among these various options, the spiral staircase is the most common option, and it is appropriate for most of the building styles.

Going For Spiral Stairs:
While looking forward to getting fire exit stairs for nursing homes, it is important to select the right manufacturer that can that can display the architectural ability in the most amazing way. We are one of the leading manufacturers that can study your nursing home and manufacture a swirling way in a particular area. In most cases, the stairs are installed in the back of the building, but this can change, as per the plans and designs of the buildings. These can often be connected to platforms like terraces and balconies for easy exit. In this way, the heights of these stair cases can also be increased.

Following The Specifications:
Only installing a fire escape stair is not sufficient. It is very important for a fire exit stair manufacturer in Kolkata to follow the specifications where the width of the stair should not be less than 75 cms. The stair tread should be at least 15 cm and the stair riser should not be more than 19 cm. The minimum height level of the handrail is 100 cm and the entrance to this stair should be removed and separated from the internal staircase. These are some of the most common specifications that we always adhere to while manufacturing the staircase for fire exit. You can be completely assured of the quality of the same.