Structural Glazing

Structural glass is used for building walls, floors; ceilings to make it transparent. The system can take the load of the building elements, no need of adding walls. It is a brilliant and cost effective solution for contemporary glass design. Structural glazing provides high flexibility utilization in sections and framework finish. It offers huge potential within architectural glazing design. A Structural Glazing System can be used in many standard applications. But typical part application of structural glazing is:

Structurally glazed roof lights/skylights
Structurally glazed walk on roof lights floors
Structurally glazed canopies
Structurally glazed conservatories
Structural glazing media are stainless steel bar, glass spider, stainless steel fastener, glass spigot, stainless steel wire rope, glass clamp, routel, support truss . The system offers huge potential with in architectural glazing design. A manufacturer of structural glazing in Kolkata is offering a cost effective wide range product in designs and quality.

Here presenting some of cooler benefits you can get out of it:

1. Structural glazing is enough strong to bear loads of individuals at a time.
2. If it get fractured it get smashed instead of into small and relatively harmless pieces which is released from the central core and is called dicing.
3. As annealed glass becomes heat treated glass under going of severe heat treatment and that makes it able to tolerate heat, unlike other glasses it does not get cracked or chapped in heat exposure even in 50 to 55 degrees.
4. Protecting ultra violet rays it keeps inside environment healthy and clean.
5. This is transparent too which does not restrict your views.
6. Allowing light to enter the building it actually makes the room brighter, fresh and dazzling. Light may help the room to appear bigger than the actual size.
7. Structural glazing is visually appealing with a stunning look. Creating a better impression of your building this is the choice for all aesthetic aware people.
8. Comparing to the conventional building materials like concrete or wood this costs lower.
9. As after effect of recession is still going on who does not want to enhance property value? Structural glazing is such an option with which you can increase your property value investing a little.
10. Solar greenhouses require a certain amount of heat. Too much heat or ultra violet rays can harm farming. To cover up overhead area of greenhouse heat strengthened glass is perfect as it allows minimum heat required.

Some more benefits at a glance:
a) Easy to clean surface
b) Outstanding sound insulation power
c) Waterproof

Glass extension for your home is one of the best improvements you can do. This allows you to appreciate your beautiful garden without harming or restricting your view. Sometimes it is really to worry to choose between beauty and efficiency. You should not only concentrate on beauty but soundless of the room regarding safety is also equally important. How you could do that shows how smart and an open-eyed person you are. From every perspective structural glazing is perfect for a home to be aesthetically perfect.

Let’s know what structural glazing actually is. This is basically heat treated glass which undergoes severe heat treatment. Basically for creating an initial condition of surface and edge condensation heat treatment process go on. Firstly annealed float glass is cut unto required size and edges get polished and washed. Through heating the glass surface rapidly and then cooling it first this condition is achieved by. Outer layer gets cool first and gets solidified. Inner layer follows the same and gets cool with jets of air rapidly. Heat strengthened glass is approximately 7 times stronger and 4 times thermal resistant from annealed glass. A cricket ball would not break your loved glass.