Why Choose us


It is a story of 3 people, first one is the founder, second one is the core executer and third one is an active well wisher. They are cordially coordinating with each other to carry over this business smoothly. They are senior and mature enough to handle problems of any magnitude and usually come out with the solution confidently without taking much hassles. They are handling their employees like family members and the entire team is reciprocating the management views by generating an overwhelming output always. The company has succeeded to showcase a great work culture by maintaining a complete team effort which is essential for the long term sustainability of any organization.


The founder of this company is a very optimistic person who never says "it is an impossible mission". And this is the vision of the organization that everything is possible if we all believe so. On the other hand he is a very realistic person, never gets carried away by emotion. His vision is to create the employability, profitability and reliability. He knows it very well that his moral responsibility is to serve for the society where he lives. His vision is to create moral values inside the organization that in turn can create a success roadmap for the organization. Under his leadership the company is looking forward to capture a major market share in Eastern India.


Like other business the customer satisfaction is the key area of its success. To maintain customer satisfaction the cost competitiveness, strict maintenance of delivery schedule and the quality of the goods and services needs to be maintained by paying highest attention. The management of the company is always trying to create an environment where the employee can devote their dedication to the highest extent. That ultimately gets reflected in the success stories of the company. The main mission of the organization is to implement the vision of the management and to give a strong head start to make it real at earliest.


The company believes that human resource is the key infrastructure in this service oriented industry. And in this organization the human resource plays the most vital role and is giving a strong backup for the success of the organization. This organization has its own setup for awnings manufacturing which is a very specialized and unique one in Eastern India. For other structural jobs also it has its own setup for creation and assembling the units as per requirements. The company has also been maintaining relation with lot of associates who are also working as a big infrastructure for the company. That is why the company is capable of delivering big projects also in time.


The core area of its business is preparing different types of customized shades as per requirements. The awning is another very specialized area of its business. It deals with canopies also. As a diversification the company has started handling any sort of structural jobs that also require different types of shades on top of it.