Fire Exit Stairs

Fire exit stair case is actually an emergency exit specially located at the outer part of a building mainly at backwards. It is very rare or occasional of a fire exit to be inside but it is always separate from the main building. If a fire event starts accidentally it is the easier way for emergency execution. It is mainly found in multistoried building. Recently these are being used out of the box means exceptionally of their common use rather than only of being an emergency exit. The principle reason of installation a fire exit stair case is safety and security.

Advantages at a Glance:

1. Safe: This is safe and above all allows you to escape from fire easily.
2. Durable: Materials are long lasting due to the inherent properties and this allows stair case to last long remaining like new, moreover those materials are chosen that can resist fire for more than half an hour.
3. Easy to handle: Motorized or remote controlled fire escape stair cases are perfect where space is not enough for a permanent structure.
4. Cost effective: Because of the longevity of the metals this offers best return on investments as regular maintenance schedule is not necessary, once you installed it be less bothered about it.
5. Customized: As per your requirements regarding building length and other you can get it from the manufacturer to suit your purpose best.
6. Lead direct to open air: As it leads towards direct to open air this is the best choice for confronting fire.

Structure of fire exit stair case:
It is consisted of with several platforms connected with each floor. There is a single horizontal platform for each floor. Railing of this stair case might not meet the same context as other handrails. It is strategically mounted from top to bottom of the building. The height, width and elevation are mandatory to be in focus. The stair case will be able to carry its own weight along with additional weight of 100 lbs per square foot. It would be wide enough for multiple executions at a time and pressure would be placed upon the steps as people of all sizes can emphasize on it. This is the blessing of advanced technology and now also available as per customization and it can also be motorized.

Only steel or an approved noncombustible material is allowed for use when constructing a fire escape. Material should be weather proof, galvanized and corrosion free. It should have a fire resistant rating up to 45 minutes at least though some stair cases require longer fire resistant rating due to the arrangement.

Specifications of a fire escape are:
a) Width should not be less than 75 cms, stair tread should be minimum of 15 cms, and stair riser should not surpass 19 cms.
b) 100 cms is the minimum height level of fire escape stair case handrails.
c) It should be connected directly to the ground.
d) Exit width has to have the measurement of at least 50cms; an additional half unit should be 25cms and clear width less than 25cms should not be counted.
e) Entrance to fire escape stair case shall be separated and removed from internal staircase.
f) Exits shall be either horizontal or vertical type.

Spiral fire escape:
This is an outstanding display of architectural ability. This swirling escape way is specially designed for a certain area. This can be assembled from kits. The use of spiral staircase shall be limited to low occupant load and buildings up to 9 meters in height unless they are connected to platforms such as balconies and terraces to allow easy exit. Diameter of spiral fire exit stair case should not be less than 150cms.

An emergency exit in a structure is a special exit for emergencies such as a fire event. When a regular exit does not provide execution it is a special exits allows for faster evacuation. Usually it is a strategically located outward opening marked with exit signs and a crash bar, mounted to the outside of a building. Fire escapes are most often found on multiple-story residential buildings, such as apartment buildings, schools, factories, commercial buildings etc. It should be made with nonflammable and weather proved material like steel, galvanized sheets. Emergency lighting system should be also installed for a safety execution. Commercial, industrial or residential fire escape stairs should be made with these capabilities: welding, painting, assembling, CNC plasma cutting, CNC structural steel drilling, shearing, press braking, plate rolling, angle rolling, punching, forming, skidding and non-destructive.

Mild steel panel fire escapes are available in market with two landing areas to allow exit from two floors. These are usually installed in apartments. Some mild steel fire exit stairs are coming along with double struck wall support, are installed in clubs. Half turn and spiral external fire exits are also installed in both commercial and multi storied buildings. A manufacturer of fire exit stair in Kolkata is providing useful , well planed and cost saving fire exite.