Application of Puf Panel

Green Building:

Green building is basically made to decrease the building impact over environment. Buildings are liable for 38% energy consumption and 39% of carbon dioxide emission. Green building is uses less energy, lows CO2 emission rate and helps to confront global climate change. Not only that this helps to save environmental resources as it takes less energy and less raw materials to produce. Green buildings are 60% more efficient than conventional buildings. Reducing temperature it saves energy cost and literally from several aspects it is environment friendly. It is a mandatory option to save renewable natural resources minimizing pollution rate

Cold Room:

Except cold storage puf panels have also some more applications as to prepare cool cabins. There are numerous residential and official purposes where cold is required for. Telephone booth, green room, school, toilet, garage, store room or gym deliberately demands cooler temperature inside. Parallelly farm houses, traffic shelter, site inspection mobile offices etc needs to be cooled as people engaged with it work on open sun and extreme heat or hours. As puf panel made cabins can reduce temperature up to 7 degrees it is perfect for these purposes. Medical vans, transports for fruits demanded cool temperature in order to preserve quality. Using minimum steel and civil work it only focuses on architectural detailing which makes it the first choice for school buildings as for laboratory where extreme heat is not allowed. As it is CFC free you can gift a healthy environment to your students and it saves your maintenance budget got lifetime that can be used for betterment of school. Thin wall panels than traditional walls saves floor spaces. Superior quality polyurethane foam made puf panels are metallic color coated offering life time guarantee to last.

Freezing Room & Food Processing:

Besides agriculture industry this also applicable for food processing sectors and dairy industry this applicable too. Food processing units require a low but static temperature as well as dairy. There are ripening chambers too in horticulture; floriculture and puf panel made chambers are designed to keep airflow away and to avoid turbulence.

Mortuary Cabinet:

mortuary cabinets and coolers need a temperature that can secure cadavers to remain not infected due to fungus and bacteria. To protect more than one cadaver it needs space and cooling effect inside. Minimum temperature of -200 is required, same time this is very expensive and energy consuming to maintain. That is the reason that manufacturer or fabricators are trying to find a way to decrease temperature or a material that is inherently cooler. Puf panel consists of two thinner outer layers with an insulated core that is made of polyurethane resins. Self-extinguishing fiberglass or other material makes it able to reduce temperature inside up to 7 degrees without any added cost. Applying the same puf panels are used too in laboratories or where a static and cool temperature is needed.

Make Shift Home:

Sometimes this is hard to find a suitable architect for your building extension over roof. It is also happens that you do not get the permission for the required permanent extension or you have to wait for that. For an urgent requirement this is the primary choice. It takes only two to three days to install and this fast installation process makes it popular among common mass and for industrial purposes too. This is primarily made with OSB or oriented standard board. OSB panels are sandwiched around a foam core of polyurethane. The manufacturing process makes it cooler and without any air-conditioning system it remains up to 7 degrees cooler than the outside. As it is movable you can uninstall it if needed. For residential purposes, commercial purposes, roof top restaurants it is applicable.

Cold Storage:

Standard cold storage or preservation chambers are constructed with pre coated GI panels. Each cold storage is provided with monitor panel to display and to allow desires temperature inside. To get cooling effect and high performance cold stores are fabricated with puf panels. This works as a safeguard panel under Indian tropical condition to keep refrigeration equipments trouble free. Puf panels helps sold storage to keep temperature from -200C to -300C. Due to the inherent properties of material this remains corrosion free. Panels are weather proof and polyester powder coating makes it extremely durable. Grooved or furrowed copper tubes are used for superior heat transfer. Side panels can be shifted easily and movable side panel offers ease to install and ease to repair. For agriculture industry this is suitable as it saves cost of energy.

Telecom and Prefab Shelter:

Telecom shelter needs cold and comfortable condition inside as high voltage wires get conducted through it. As these shelters are build in open sun there is a certain possibility to get hot. As stated before puf panels are eligible to emit heat up to 6 degrees and inside temperature remains cool. This is achieved by making process and the inherent properties of material. Self supporting and light weight structural insulated panels are robust, corrosion free equally water and dust free. This green shelter takes care of the highly sensitive telecom equipments. A comfortable temperature is needed for longevity of wires and other electrical equipments otherwise might be there is a possibility to be melted. Having enough space inside this is quite good to protect SMPS battery chargers, power interface units, BTS equipment etc.

Construction Product:

Puf panel made construction is not dependent on weather as it is pre fabricated. This installed faster and there is less chance for jib site theft. For factories and industrial sector where you get less time for construction this is the perfect one to go for. Promoting green building it ensures less industrial disposal increasing job safety, time and money.