Window Awnings

Awning is a secondary covering attached with the exterior wall and composed by acrylic, canvas woven or cotton. Fabric is firmly attached with metal structure and that has made awning installation long lasting. A window awning can be installed over the door, patio or simply over a window. With a window awning you can simply control weather ailments in your room. Are you surprised? Don’t be, this is a real fact as awning offered superb protection from weather. Whatever the fabric is when it is attached with a light weight and metal structure to form an awning it creates not only great look but the principal benefit is that it protects from scorching heat and rain. Having a cooling effect it reduces up to 30% of heat. Adding more charm to your home this reflects 65% of solar heat and 77% of ultra violet rays. Basically this is the quality of fabric that resists ailments of weather. Coating can remain same and perfect for several years, more than ten years with low maintenance. Window awnings can actually keep the temperature low reducing 8 to 15 degrees in hot summer months. This is a cheaper and great way to add value, style and elegance along with sturdiness to the room.

It is a perfect shade to get a cool feeling inside of your room. This outside overhang gives a smart and contemporary look of your window. It protects your room and inside furniture from rain and UV ray.

Different types of window awnings are:
Traditional window awnings
Type window awnings
Economy window awnings
Classic window awnings
Window awnings with flat side panel
Heavy duty retractable window awnings

Retractable or folding awnings provide sufficient air circulation but reduce heat and cut sun glare. It is made of MS steal frame, fabrics, aluminum sheet, tension arm along with strong spring. It is manually operated. It can be retractable or folding fixed as per required position. Colours of fabrics are coming in verity. It is a customized product in size and shapes. Retractable awnings are mainly used for show rooms, balconies and tares. Projection of retractable awnings can be 6 to 8 feet and length can be 10 feet. You can be able to fix the awnings projection as per the requirement by using folding system. Drop arm awnings are made of fabrics and holding arms which help the awning held up in the perfect position. Some time aluminum awnings are also required to install, where fabrics awnings are not suitable, such as special application for snow load or wind load area. A manufacturer of window awnings in Kolkata providing and installing attractive and customized product.