Walk Way Canopy

If you want an overhang or shade on the walk way at your residence or garden install a walk way canopy. It is an effective and interesting system to cover your walk way. It can be also used as a garden shade for a different look or can fix over the way in-between your garden. Nowadays walk way canopy class room is also coming up in the schools. Nursery students or kindergarten students will be able to enjoy their play with nature. Secured but airy and specious area is very essential for children’s health and mind. Take an initiative to outside class room for students under the shade of canopy. Letting your students to interact with nature and learn more about their surroundings, be them experienced with memorable learning. The canopy shade will provide shade from sun and rain, protect from ill effect of UV ray and bad weather in winter. It can be install to make a interlink way between two buildings, shops or schools. In the forest or rain forest the system is used to use for making hanging bridge, at least 30 feet above from the earth surface. It is been used as a pedestrian access in the forest. Early walkways consisted of bridges mostly linked up with platforms inside or around the trees. It was originally designed and fixed to the upper region of ancient forest as an access for conducting canopy research by scientists. Walk way canopies are usually made of MS Steel frame or aluminum and imported fabrics with PVC or acrylic colour coating. A leading and experienced walk way canopy manufacturer in Kolkata providing the best quality product with best design and concept, structural calculation and installation.