Vertical Awnings

Why someone will use awnings? Awning is a beneficial product which makes your mind passionate and fills your surroundings with impression and feelings, as well as you are able to get economical benefit also.

Benefits are as follows:
> It is an energy saving product. According to survey a vertical awning mounted to ceiling or surface can reduce temperature up to 8 to 10 degrees. Energy consumption becomes low as it saves bill for air conditioning.
> It helps to expand your living space. Surface mounted vertical awning works as a partition.
> Protect your room, interior decoration, furniture, curtain and carpets from sun glare and UV ray as awning fabric reflects 99% of harmful rays.
> Your family and pets will also feel comfortable under the cool and pleasant shade.
> It has a curb appeal in shape, provides a different look of your window, doors or expanded living area
> It is a customized product, available as per client’s requirement.
> Remembering current market and building scenario awning are manufactured to be green. Awning’s materials are 100% recyclable offering owners to add green value to their building.

A wide open area can be covered vertically for temporary purpose by using Vertical awnings. This aesthetic look product manufacturing basic material is MS Steel and imported fabric with acrylic or PVC coating. There is a wide range of colour and design. It may either be operated by a gear and crank-handle or via an optional electric motor. If there is a requirement of large area shading fact, several vertical awnings may be linked together to form system. Vertical Awnings can be installed on walls balconies or ceilings. If required a instant beauty or privacy to your living space, it can be a perfect choice. It is perfectly suitable for exterior installation on conservatories, glass roofs and skylights. Their compact constructions make the awning system especially suitable for small and medium areas. Vertical awnings have an individual appearance with a wide choice of material, shapes and colours. It can be installed in hotels and resorts to enhance a large outer area as well as to get a cool and comfortable shade in a sunny or rainy day. You can touch the drops; smell the rain, without wetting. So go for awnings and feel yourself a special one. All products are easyly available with a vertical awnings manufacturer in Kolkata.