Road Show Tents

Road show tent can use in various purpose. It has a wide range of product and utility variation. Road show tents utilizations are as:
Promotional tent
Demo tent
Advertisement display tent
Road show tent
We are providing different sizes, shapes and designs in manufacturing of Promotional tents. These tents are made of imported quality fire retardant fabrics with PVC or acrylic colour coat which offer them maximum durability. The product is made with printed logo and company name for business promotion. It can be customized as per the requirements of the clients. Extensively used in all season Demo tents are also made of light weight MS Steel structure and FR quality imported PVC or acrylic colour coated fabrics. These types of promotional tents are offered different sizes and colours as per client’s requirement. It can accommodate a large number of people. The advertisements are very light in weight, durable and portable. It can be easily transferred from one place to another. These tents are exclusively used for promotion and sales purpose. Used materials are MS Steel and fire retardant imported fabrics in PVC or acrylic colour coating. A road show tent manufacturer in Kolkata having a reach collection of tent products. All products are customized. You can choose the perfect ones, suit you. We are always ready to provide your satisfaction.