Resort Tents

Tents are generally used for outdoor shelter. Various types of tents are available in different shapes and sizes. Resort tent is a special type of outer shade which can be appeared only with overhang or along with three side cover. Complete house type luxury resort tent is also available. All types of tent are very attractive in colour and design. A resort can achieve a special impression and image by installing a outdoor tent product for a meeting conducting, party arrangement, a special birthday or ceremony celebration etc. MS Steel structured frame and fire retardant imported quality PVC or acrylic colour coated fabrication make the product light weight and weather proof. In the day time you can also enjoy your party or commercial events by avoiding outside hassles into a house type luxury resort tent. It protects from external heat, cut sun glare, bad effect of UV rays, rain, wind and cold. We are a leading fabricator and suppliers of Resort Tent. Our resort tent, luxury resort tent are highly appreciated for their long applicability and vibrant color combinations. These tents are spacious and have the capacity to accommodate approximately four to six persons at a time. They are in compliance with the national quality standard and available at industry leading prices. A resorts tent manufacturer in Kolkata having a reach collection of tent products. All products are customized. You can choose the perfect ones, suit you. We are always ready to provide your satisfaction.