Fixed Parisian Awnings

Awning is a secondary covering used as a covering attached to the exterior wall of a building. Today, awnings are found in a wide range of style and verity. That either attaches to a home, above a window or door, or stands above an entrance and patio to provide shade and cover from the sun glare, heat, UV rays or poor weather conditions. Various types of awnings are there, among them one is Fixed Parisian awning. We are offering the materials used for an awning manufacturing are MS Steel for frame along with PVC or acrylic colour coated imported fabrics. It provides shade for your balcony, and covers a large area of front door. The primary condition of selection or installation of a fixed awning is the size of the area is to be covered. A fixed awning can be designed to cover a larger area than a retractable awning. But it should be installed, the fact keeping in mind that it is a fixed item along with a strong frame. The fixed Parisian awning not only provides shade or protection but also able to bring a massive change in looks of your residence or commercial buildings. Before fixing an awning, explorer all the options with a specialist who is experienced in manufacturing and installing awnings. You can fix very small size nice looking Parisian awnings inside of your room over the windows and door instead of palmate. The decoration will change the interior look of your room. Over the outside of a kitchen window install a colourful and wide framed fixed Parisian awning and grow up your own kitchen garden under the shade. A manufacturer of fixed Parisian awnings in Kolkata serving customized products in different types of colour, shapes and designs for their value added customer satisfaction.