Fixed Canopy

We are a perfect and best manufacturer of CANOPIES. Among them fixed canopy is a useful, effective, architectural and designer product to décor your doors, windows, residential play ground, garden and entry area. It is an innovative way to cover Pubs, Bars, Restaurants, a school play ground and nurseries also. Fixed canopy provides protection for your room interior design, curtain, carpets, and furniture from extra heat, sun glare, rain and UV ray ill effect. Canopies of entry area of commercial places add extra impression about the places. Shapes, designs and colours of the canopies make the shops, restaurants, bars and showrooms are more attractive to their customer. We are manufacturing the products with an understructure of long-lasting materials as MS Steel and imported fabrics with PVC or acrylic colour coating. It has a wide range of design, shapes and colours to ensure your perfect fit and good looks. Our commercial fixed canopies are used for art and craft events, exhibitions and advertising. The workers and visitors both can feel comfortable and enjoy their own event under cool shade. Weather proof fixed canopies are being making to keep in mind customer’s satisfaction. We are always updating and improving our products and manufacturing technique as per the present and economic scenario of the market. Walk way fixed canopies are very useful for any weather and season. You will be able to take a walk with your favorite one. Children will enjoy their game on shady outdoor place. Easy way fixing products are available in different sizes, shapes and colours, providing customers with a professional looks as per their need. We are trying to improve our information management solutions on time and within budget. Quick and satisfactory installation is our motto. Colourful, perfect designed and customized fixed canopies are available with a proper canopy manufacturer and installer in Kolkata.