Drop Arm Awnings

Drop arm awnings provide outstanding protection against bright sunlight and high outside temperature. It has specific features regarding operating system. It is the best and simplest form among the awnings to fit over windows and doors. Our company offering best quality drop arm awning with MS Steel frame and imported fabrics with acrylic and PVC colour coating along with gas assisted holding arms. It can be operated either manually or electrically. Appreciable features of the product are high tolerance ability from extreme weather conditions, corrosion resistance and can protect from strong wind. The product can adjust as per required position and can be extended up to 180 degrees. It’s the best suits for square and round shape buildings over doors and windows. These are also employed for many shops front door or in front of the show rooms. It is an extremely valued product in the market due to its attractive designs, quality and durability. The product is highly versatile and suitable for the windows that face any direction. If it is partially extended, will provide protection from overhead sun. Fully extended awning will cover the entire window and provide protection from the sun in low angles. It is allowing great air circulation but helps to reduce heat and cut sun glare. Drop arm awnings are operated by using concealed springs in the arms to extent the awning in an arc position when it is in use. This can be beneficial by creating a larger area between the awning and window. The position allows greater air circulation by avoiding other interruptions such as heat, sun glare or bad effect of UV rays. To some extent it provides privacy of your room. A good quality Drop Arm Awning manufacturer in Kolkata is available with MS Steel frame and imported fabric, delivered and installed by a leading manufacturer in Kolkata.