Canopy on Car

A canopy on a car is a unique system, also known as carport. It can provide extra storage space for your car. It is basically a retractable canopy which can be extended and retracted as per your need for shade, protection and extra space requirement. Your vehicle will be protected from bad effects of the elements such as the sun, rain and snow. When your are bound to park your car without shade the canopy will help to keep off the outer bodies such as leaves, cones, tree saps or dust from your car. As it is a retractable one you can use it for other purposes such as outdoor event or an extra shade on grass or concrete area. The light weight structural canopy can provide shades in both ways, as an overhang only or side cover along with the overhang. You can choose one which is fully enclosed sides like a tent if you required extra protection. Both the system gives a cooling effect to your car and preserves its finish. It is a long lasting product. A good one can resists wear and tear that can bring on by UV rays of the sun and protect your car for year after year. It has an easy set up system facility by you in a short space. Nowadays the canopy on car system is using for road shows and brand promotion due to its portability facility. Street dramas or musical functions can be arranged under the shade and shelter of car canopy. Company brand can be promoted by using the mobility and portability of the canopy system. The canopy on car manufacturing basic materials is MS Steel frame and fabrics along with PVC or acrylic colour coating imported fabrics. Shadefab is the best and leading manufacturer of canopy on car in Kolkata, offering canopy product in verity. The customized product will be served as per our value added client’s requirement.