Bullnose Awnings

From the wide variety of awnings bull nose has created its own space due to the architecture and aesthetic quotient. It is visibly different from any other awning classification. It looks so elegant and exemplifies literally an outstanding look. It saves furniture and door frame from extreme heat and keeps the area underneath cool and comfortable as it reduces heat up to 8 degrees and reflects 99% of harmful ultra violet rays. The credit goes to the fabric attached with the metal structure. Mostly polyester, acrylic woven or cotton is considered to be the awning fabric. Whatever the fabric is benefits are likely to be the same. Basically bull nose awning is green and acts as a solar shade. Materials are 100% recyclable and enhance green value. Protecting sun glare it saves energy cost and that is of course a benefit for non renewable energy resources. A Bull nose awning is a customized product, round in projection and is of size quarter of ball that enhances and gives an elegant look to the front door. The awnings are called Bull nose because of their shape. It is also called Colourbond awning due to the material, steel, used in manufacturing. The shape of the awning is an Australian idea. It is specially designed solution to mitigate the effects of the harsh Australian climate and provides an attractive look. It is a low cost product also. Bull nose window awnings offer the traditional colonial look. It is an ideal solution for all residential, commercial and industrial application. It has multi-rib cross section that provides support for the skin panels against wind. Bull nose awnings are perfect fit for those areas where head height areas are limited as they can be placed on smaller falls. This protects the doors and windows from extreme weather conditions. It enhances the elegance of your home. We ensure that rigid frame can resist the doors and windows from sun glare, extreme heat, storm, winter snow and rain. Bull nose awnings also help to enlighten the business logo by using in front door of restaurants, hotels, showrooms and coffee shops. We are providing specially designed and in different colours as per the choice and specification of client’s requirement. Light weight aluminum or MS Steel frame having strength to hold the proper shape of the awning and colorful imported fabrics are delivering elegant look. Product is available with a leading bullnose awnings manufacturer in Kolkata.